A New Governance created with the community:


This campaign is about real, immediate solutions to our most pressing issues while building capacity to pass laws and other longer term solutions. The process by which we have created immediate solutions to some of the biggest problems we face such as soaring housing costs, homelessness, and displacement is through a process I have done for a decade by truly bringing in communities to capture their creativity and energy to innovate in a way the current establishment does not. We will not get to where we need to be with the current way of doing things —even a good candidate does things in the same ways. Please check out our Issues for some of these low-cost, high-return immediate community solutions!

My mother immigrated to the United States from Panama when she was only 18. She did not know English, she had a few bucks in her pocket, and unknown to her at the time, she was pregnant with me. She worked her butt off to provide me with a decent life. Now, here in LA, it is much tougher for those like my mother + most of us because we do not have a Living Wage + our Broken Housing System incentivizes developers + landlords to push 1,000s of our neighbors —many being whole families— into homelessness and / or being displaced.

I am running as Write-In Luca Barton for Office CD1 to support you, to support all of our neighbors to come together in order to build the community we want and deserve.

I have a decade of experience leading teams -both through community organizing on the 2008 Obama Campaign across the country + with the 2016 Bernie Campaign here in Northeast LA as well as directing design teams-  to bring communities into every project at the very beginning of the process, whether that community is a rural town in Michigan or urban Cleveland, OH on the Obama Campaign, working probono with nonprofits, working with museums such as the Getty + MOCA, or other communities. When you bring all stakeholders together in an endeavor, the result is always better, more efficient, and becomes a much more useful product for that community.

The community organizing programs we have created with you + your neighbors (if we have not heard from you, we need to!) over the last 8 months on the Door-to-Door Community Listening Tour are innovative programs to help the community come together in fun, social ways that work on your busy schedule to get real things done that we want AND need.

We are idealists on this campaign. BUT we are idealists that are very practical. Much of the pragmatism comes with starting off small -a small, engaged group of neighbors can change a whole city and we have seen it done across our country on the Obama + Bernie Campaigns. Also, I have a decade of experience building and improving programs like apoyar, Community Congress, and my LA BLOC across the country and here in LA with communities, so these are very practical, powerful programs we are already rolling out!

We have already:

• Built a Community Garden in Highland Park + have partnered with Food Oasis LA to ensure all of our neighbors have healthy food options.
• Held our 1st Community Congress last December!
• We are finalizing details on a powerful LA Tenants Rights Campaign with LA Tenants Union Community Organizer Uver Santa Cruz (IBEW) that we can roll out in a month after the election, will protect our most vulnerable (and all of us) against unscrupulous developers + landlords, will utilize unions + community groups, and will reach our +230,000 neighbors plus Boyle Heights (we must support our neighbors) in under a year. This is the most powerful, immediate way to help stop more of our neighbors —many whole families— from being pushed into homelessness or displacement. Join us by emailing us@Luca4CD1.com or calling / texting Luca at (213)361-2545

en español:
Soy el hijo de un inmigrante panameño. Mi madre vino a este país a los 18 años, sin saber inglés; Una madre soltera con 40 dólares en el bolsillo. Sé lo que es crecer pobre - sé lucha. Estoy corriendo para el Ayuntamiento de Los Ángeles, Distrito 1 para servir a aquellos como mi mamá, para devolver y apoyar a aquellos que trabajan demasiado duro por muy poco.

Background: Graphic Design Director, Science, Community Organizer

Graduated 2007 UCLA — Design | Media Arts

Opened Offices + Organized Communities with the 2007—2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign in CA, TX, MI, and OH exceeding campaign's goals (Voter Registration + Outreach) with each community, whether it was suburban California, students at the University of Austin, TX, the expansive rural / farmland / union factory County of Tuscola, MI, or urban Cleveland, OH.

Led pro-bono design teams to support + work with non-profits in LA + across the country: Designs For Hope, Dream Outside the Box, Edible Garden - University of Oregon, Enrich LA, Garden School Foundation, The Haven Foundation (LA), Peace Over Violence (as student assistant for Nat'l Design Award Winner + renowned Mexican Designer Rebeca Méndez).

Volunteer Field Organizer with the Northeast LA for Bernie Vol HQ in 2016. Worked with Ari Trujillo (Nat’l Deputy Data Director for Bernie 2016) to create the Vol 2 Vol Call Team, which contacted 1,000 Bernie volunteer sign-ups that the campaign was not going to contact on its own. With these new volunteers, streamlining + structuring the team to reach their more focused, efficient potentials we won CD34 (one of the few congressional districts in CA to do so) by over 3,300 Votes!*

*The team I helped shape in the last month of the Primary to win CD34 could not have happened without the tireless, incredibly tough work that Mishna Eraña put in to build a team (without support from Bernie 2016) that was doing incredible work before I joined. Without this base of Volunteer Leaders, Volunteers, and our beautifully warm community it would have been impossible to win CD34 by over 3,300 Votes!

**A Write-In Vote will show the establishment LA City Council how powerful our collective voice is. Neighbors seem to be excited to Write-us-In to not only have such a powerful Vote, but to make a statement.

We are a new type of Progressive governance. We are breaking down the usual political structure to replace it with you, with a community-centered LA City Council that really brings you into the process to build up our community.







CONTACT +/or Join us:

Luca’s cell (213)361-2545

Luca’s Home + HQ (let’s have tea + chat)
4368 Latona Ave
LA, CA 90031, USA

Paid for by us and Luca Barton for Council 2017, 
4368 Latona Ave, Los Angeles.
Additional information is available at ethics.lacity.org